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Lee Rumohr was born in Toronto, Canada. He moved at an early age with his father and brother Shane to the Ontario town of Kingston. A natural jock, Lee was the quintessential "all-canadian boy" excelling in hockey, football and winning many sports trophies. Lee was bitten by the acting bug in highschool but his father said it wasn’t a viable profession and was guided to pursue ‘something else under his belt’. So upon graduating high school Lee attended St. Lawrence College in the field of nursing. In his first year of the program Lee came to the understanding within himself that he is a truly an artist and that a medical career was not for him. Acting was his true love, at which point, with $35 in his pocket, he packed his bags for Toronto, Canada's eastern entertainment hub. Now, 20 years later with great successes in acclaimed shows as Supernatural, The Umbrella academy Covert Affairs, Dr. Cabbie, Smallville, Queer As Folk and Breakaway, to name a few. 
After many years of being around cameras Lee realized he had a passion for still photography. Lee’s knowledge of photography comes from practical experience. His ‘natural good eye for detail’ has helped Lee tremendously.  However, Lee’s temperament; “I wear my heart on my sleeve”, has been a tremendous asset. Enabling him to connect with the enviroment and his subjects. This is best captured in Lee’s moto regarding his photography: 
“Life Through My Lens”.
"A special thank you to my wife Heidi for all her love and support with my new journey"




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